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2021 Artist Application to Display at Purcellville Town Hall

  1. Contact Information
  2. Please provide a brief description of the medium.
  3. If you plan on selling your artwork, please provide the price. Otherwise, please label your artwork NFS (not for sale). The artist will be responsible for selling their own work. Purcellville staff and Purcellville Arts Council volunteers cannot sell art on behalf of the artists.
    JPG format Images only. File must include artist last name and part of the artwork title (i.e.: Smith_Flowersinvase.jpg.).
    Read each of the items below and check the box to indicate your agreement.
  6. Artwork is juried.*
  7. Artists are limited to 2 submissions.*
  8. All work must be appropriate to display at a family-oriented venue.*
  9. Paintings, Photographs & Drawings may not exceed three feet in any direction; must be wired for hanging (artwork that does not have wire for hanging will not be accepted).*
  10. Artist must be able to carry artwork into building for placement (there will be no additional labor or hand-trucks available).*
  11. There is no fee to exhibit.*
  12. Artwork can be sold when the artist is contacted directly by the purchaser; each artist must make his or her contact information available if his or her artwork is for sale.*
  13. The Town of Purcellville staff and the Purcellville Arts Council and volunteers will not be responsible for any sales.*
  14. Submission of work for this exhibit will be construed as acceptance of all conditions.*
  15. Images of my art may be used on the Town of Purcellville website and social media.*
  16. Artists are responsible for insuring their own work.*
  17. No individual or entity connected with the exhibit, the Purcellville Arts Council, the Town of Purcellville staff or representatives will be responsible for loss or damage, regardless of the cause.*
  18. Artists will be featured at a reception and be asked to participate in a Q&A session as well as help promote the reception.*
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