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2020 Jim "Doc" Wiley Leadership in the Arts Nomination Form

  1. Write the name of the individual, organization, or business you are nominating.

  2. The nominee is:*

  3. Use this space to write why you are nominating this individual or group for the Jim "Doc" Wiley Leadership in the Arts Award. Remember that this award is for those in the greater Purcellville area and that your nomination must address at least one of the following:

    1. Artistic achievement in the performing, visual or literary arts

    2. Long-term individual or organizational support that has made a significant impact on the arts in greater Purcellville

    3. Investment in artistic and cultural activities that have made a significant impact on greater Purcellville

    4. Promotion of the arts in the greater Purcellville community in a distinctly creative or exceptionally effective manner.

  4. Upload at least one letter of support from another organization or individual. Use the additional two fields below if you are uploading more than one letter.

  5. You may submit up to five documents, photos, news articles, or other materials to support your nomination. Use the additional four fields below for if you are uploading more than one file.

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