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Parks and Rec Forms

  1. 2022 Application for Virginia Trees for Clean Water NeighborWoods Program
  2. 2022 Holiday Lights Tour Map Registrations

    Sign up to have your home or business listed on the 2022 Holiday Lights Tour Map for people to drive through Purcellville on their own... More…

  3. Application for Special Event Permit
  1. 2022 Christmas Parade Application Form

    Thank you for your interest in being part of the 2022 Christmas in Purcellville Parade! The annual Christmas in Purcellville Parade... More…

  2. 2022 Holiday Market Vendor Form

    Local artisans and crafters are welcome to be part of the 2022 Holiday Market in Purcellville. The cost is $25 per space. The... More…