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Customer Forms

  1. Application for Town Businesses:
    Voucher Program, Social Distancing Directory, Purcellville Strong Features

    The Town of Purcellville wants to support its local businesses as much as possible as we all adjust to these changing times for retail... More…

  2. Citizen Issue Form

    This form allows you to submit issues with utilities, streets, streetlights, tall grass, trash/recycling, or other community issues.

  3. FOIA Request Form

    This is a form for citizens to submit a request for public records subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

  4. Personal Property Bill Dispute Request

    This is a form to dispute a bill.

  5. Public Comments on Proposed Budget

    This is a form where you can provide comments to the Town Council on the Proposed Budget.


    Application for Employment

  1. Business Directory Information Form

    This is a form where a business can add/modify/delete information to be contained in the Town of Purcellville's Online Business... More…

  2. Contact Form
  3. Payment Plan for Delinquent Utility Bill

    This is a form to request a payment plan for a delinquent utility bill.

  4. Police Department Contact Form
  5. Purcellville Non-Profit Grant Application

    Thank you for your interest in the Town of Purcellville’s Non-Profit CARES Act Grant Program. This program is for non-profit... More…

  6. Train Station Rental Application