How can I reduce my water bill?
Conservation is the best means to reduce your water bill. Installing low flow fixtures and appliances are just one possible means. You can also reduce water use by limiting watering and following other conservation methods as described in our water conservation brochure. Water pipes or toilets leaking can increase water use significantly. Toilet leaks in particular can be very hard to locate. The Town office has dye toilets available which you can use to check for leaks. If a leak is discovered in your house or on your property, contact a plumber immediately to identify and repair the leak. If this procedure is followed, you may be able to obtain a water leak adjustment to your bill under certain circumstances. If the leak is such that you require the water to be turned off in order to fix it then call the Town Hall at the numbers below. Any damage caused to the meter may be charged to you. Problems detected with Town water and sewer lines should be reported during business hours (M-F, 8:00 AM -5:00 PM) to the Town Office 540-338-7421 or after hours to the Town emergency number 540-338-7700.Water Conservation Page...

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