Hot Topics and Important Issues


The Town Council is committed to providing information to residents on hot topics and important issues in the Town. Please review the information below. Some links may direct you to external sites for more information, such as the County Government. (This site is under development, so please be patient as we update documents and links!)

Historic Corridor Overlay District

Facts About Zoning Text Code
Matrix of Changes
Public Hearing Notice
National Register of Historic Places Package
Reconnaissance Level Surveys - 11th and 12th Streets
Reconnaissance Level Surveys - 16th and 18th Streets
Reconnaissance Level Surveys - 20th Street
Reconnaissance Level Surveys - 21st Street
Reconnaissance Level Surveys - 23rd Street
Reconnaissance Level Surveys - 28th and 29th Streets
Reconnaissance Level Surveys - 31st Street
Browning & Associates - A Street (enter DHR ID: 286-5016)
Reconnaissance Level Surveys - F Street
Reconnaissance Level Surveys - G Street
Reconnaissance Level Surveys - Hall and Hatcher
Reconnaissance Level Surveys - I Street
Reconnaissance Level Surveys - K and L Streets
Reconnaissance Level Surveys - Main Street E.
Reconnaissance Level Surveys - Main Street W.
Reconnaissance Level Surveys - Maple Avenue S.
Reconnaissance Level Surveys - N and O Streets
Reconnaissance Level Surveys - Nursery Avenue S.
Reconnaissance Level Surveys - Orchard Drive S.
Reconnaissance Level Surveys - School Street W.
Planning Commission Staff Report - July 15, 2021
July 23, 2021 Update from the Planning Commission
Correspondence & Public Comments
12.14.21 Presentation to Town Council
12.02.21 - Article 14A
12.02.21 Article 14B
12.02.21 Article 14C

​Glass Commerce

Monthly Report - December 2021


Purcellville Big Picture Report
Bush Tabernacle Report
Fireman's Field Park Report
Haske Field Report
Town Hall Report
Train Station Report

Amendments to Zoning Ordinance Article 4, Section 9.8 Maximum Building Height in C-4 District

10.11.2016 Staff Report and Minutes
Resolution 16-10-02
09.12.2017 Staff Report and Minutes
Ordinance 17-09-01
09.26.2017 Staff Report and Minutes
12.08.2020 Staff Report and Minutes
12.17.2020 Planning Commission Staff Report and Minutes
01.17.2021 Planning Commission Staff Report and Minutes
Ordinance 21-02-01

Pullen House

04.25.2017 Staff Report and Minutes
06.27.2017 Staff Report and Minutes
09.12.2017 Staff Report and Minutes
08.11.2020 Staff Report and Minutes
12.08.2020 Staff Report and Minutes
01.21.2021 Staff Report and Minutes

Trails End LLC

Appeal Letter
September 15, 2020 BAR Staff Report
October 20, 2020 BAR Staff Report

JK Land Holdings, LLC

October 6, 2020 Presentation to Town Council


Fields Farm Park

The Town of Purcellville has agreed to assist the Loudoun County Dept. of Transportation and Capital Infrastructure in community outreach to better inform both Town and County residents of the proposed project.
December 18, 2018 Community Meeting
Field's Farm Annexation Package
November 12, 2019 Staff Report
December 10, 2019 Staff Report

Route 7/287 Interchange

​Route 7/690 Interchange

Second Cell Tower

February 13, 2018 Staff Report - Cell Tower Feasibility Study
June 11, 2019 Staff Report - Approval of RFP for Cell Tower
December 10, 2019 Staff Report - Update on RFP for Cell Tower
09.20.19 RFP for Development and Management of a Wireless Telecommunications Facility
03.04.2020 RFP for Development and Management of a Wireless Telecommunications Facility - REBID

32nd and Main Street Intersection Improvements

Survey Results
June 17, 2020 News Release - Public Survey
June 10, 2020 News Release - Public Information Meeting and Documents
June 16, 2020 Presentation - Public Informational Meeting
February 27, 2020 - Presentation - Public Informational Meeting

Valley Self Storage Easement Vacation

January 28, 2020 Public Hearing Ad

May 26, 2020 Staff Report and Documents
Public Notice for June 23, 2020 Town Council Meeting
January 8, 2020 Public Meeting Announcement
Ordinance 20-04-02 Vacating Plat Note #5 for Valley Industrial Park and Approving the Vacation by Separate Instrument of a Stormwater Detention Easement

Route 287 North-bound Turn Lanes Associated with the Traffic Signal at Route 7

February 11, 2020 Town Council Meeting-Staff Report
Click here to watch/listen to the discussion.

Public Safety Initiatives

The Town Council, Police Department, and Public Works continue to work on initiatives to keep our community safe. Examples include better signage, pavement markings, enforcement, and education. The Town's most recent initiative is the Pedestrian Crosswalk Flag program, that gives greater visibility of pedestrians and helps drivers be more aware of pedestrians wishing to cross Main Street.  Click this link for more information and a safety video!

33rd and Country Club Drive Cut-Through Traffic Pilot Program

The Purcellville Town Council is committed to working with the citizens in the Catoctin Meadows and Country Club Estates neighborhoods and affected areas to address the issues and safety concerns of cut-through traffic. Click here for more information.

Aberdeen Property

The Town Council is exploring options to utilize the town-owned Aberdeen property. Click here for more information.


Please click on the link for information pertaining to various transportation "hot topics". Click here for more information.

Purcellville's Comprehensive Plan Update

The Town of Purcellville's Planning Commission and Town Council are in the process of updating the Town's Comprehensive Plan, which sets out a vision for the community for the next 20-30 years. Please visit for more information.

Franklin Park to Purcellville Trail

Loudoun County is looking at alignment options for a multi-modal path from Franklin Park to 32nd Street in Purcellville. This would create a direct connection to the W&OD Trail and other pathways within the Town. Documents prepared by the County are available here:

Current Development Activity and Applications

Read more about active land development applications and current activity at this link. You can also see a slideshow of what the buildings at Catoctin Corner (NE corner of Main St. and 287 - at the Traffic Circle) will look like.

Provide Your Input

Now that you've read about some of the hot topics and important issues facing Purcellville, please take a moment and find out how you can engage in these issues. There are many ways to provide your input, from showing up to Council Meetings, sending an email, taking a vote on our online poll, or discussing new ideas with your neighbors. Check out all the options at our Citizen Engagement portal!