Mayfair Planned Development

Mayfair Final Development Plan

Planning Commission Public Hearing: May 1, 2014

Planning Commission Action: Approval Recommended with Conditions (6-0-1 with Paciulli absent)

  1. If VDOT determines that the turn lanes on Purcellville Road, as depicted on the approved concept development plan, are warranted, then the applicants will submit a revised final development plan to Town staff with the single modification of incorporating said turn lanes. It will be the sole responsibility of Town staff to verify that the revised document satisfies this condition. Once verified, the revised document shall be considered approved by the Planning Commission;
  2. If VDOT determines that the turn lanes are not warranted, then the final development plan presented for approval at the May 1, 2014 Planning Commission meeting shall be considered approved as presented;
  3. In either case, the applicant shall submit as many copies of the approved final development plan as requested by Town staff for the Town’s records;
  4. Town staff shall notify the Planning Commission of the final outcome; and
  5. Final engineering plans including site plans, construction plans, and/or subdivision plats shall not be approved by the Town until Conditions #1-3 are satisfied.
Final Development Plan for Amended Mayfair Planned Development (RZ13-01)

Submission Date: January 14, 2014

Application Materials:
Final Development Plan – Fourth Submission (Revised April 22, 2014)
Applicant Responses to Original Community Development Comments
Applicant Responses to Original VDOT Comments

Amended Proffers for RZ13-01 (Approved December 10, 2013)
Amended Concept Development Plan for RZ13-01 (Approved December 10, 2013)

Final Development Plan – Original Submission (Submitted January 14, 2014)
Final Development Plan – Second Submission (Revised April 1, 2014)
Final Development Plan – Third Submission (Revised April 7, 2014)

Review Comments:
Second Submission
Purcellville Community Development
VDOT – Turn Lane Warrant Analysis
Original Submission
Purcellville Community Development & Public Works
Loudoun County Public Schools
Loudoun County Building and Development – Fire Protection
Loudoun County Fire and Rescue

Staff Reports:
Preliminary – April 11th
Final for Planning Commission Public Hearing - April 25th

Applicant Information

Brookfield Autumn Hill, L.L.C.
8500 Executive Park Ave Ste 300
Fairfax, VA 22031-2228

Applicant/Consulting Engineer:
Bowman Consulting Group, Ltd.
101 South Street, S.E.
Leesburg, VA 20175

Town of Purcellville Contact Information

Community Development Department
Town of Purcellville
221 South Nursery Avenue
Purcellville, VA 20132
Daniel Galindo , Senior Planner

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests should be directed to:
Diana Hays, Town Clerk
Town of Purcellville
221 South Nursery Avenue
Purcellville, VA 20132