Open Burning Restrictions

Town Code §38-11 prohibits all open burning of refuse or other material. This includes leaves, grass, and landscape debris and commercial and business waste. The Town provides residential curbside refuse and yard waste collection subject to collection limits and guidelines.

Open fires may be used for cooking food, recreational purposes, ceremonial purposes and the operation of craft exhibits and pageants of historical significance. These types of events do not require permits from the Town; however it is necessary to notify the designated authority for the Town of the event, date, time and purpose.
open burning.jpg
Failure to comply with the “Open Burning” law could result in being charged with a Class 3 Misdemeanor and as much as $300.00 in fines. Enforcement of this Ordinance is the responsibility of the Town of Purcellville Police Department and/or the County of Loudoun Fire Marshal’s Office.

The Town Council requests that all residents and businesses comply with these restrictions designed to maintain our community’s good air quality and to avoid the spread of uncontrolled fire.

Should you have any questions regarding this Ordinance or to obtain a copy of the complete Ordinance, please contact Diana Hays (540) 338-7421.