Streets & Maintenance

The Town of Purcellville’s Streets and Maintenance Department is responsible for maintaining the Town’s infrastructure including streets, utilities and Town-owned facilities. Routine responsibilities include road maintenance, sign installation and repair, road markings, water and sewer line inspections and cleaning, hydrant maintenance and repair, storm drain maintenance and repair, fire flow tests, and maintaining Town-owned facilities within and outside of Town limits. The Town maintains 54 miles of streets; five parking lots with 191 spaces; 1,272 acres of mountain watershed property containing a reservoir and three springs; three parks with about 31 acres; and fifteen other properties with Town buildings and facilities totaling 295 acres. The Department also maintains 47 miles of water line, 35 miles of sewer line, and 17 miles of stormwater lines.

Contact Information

Street/Maintenance Questions: 540-338-7440 ext. 221

Engineering & Design Questions: 540-338-5024

Documents/ Information

 Public Works Rental Rates FY18

Report Utility/Street Issues

Snow Removal Announcements

Street Sweeping Schedule

Tips to Prevent Pipes from Freezing

Snow and Ice Removal from Sidewalks