Runoff from rainstorms is called stormwater. Before development, most rainfall fell onto natural areas and the water soaked into the ground. As the Town grew, the landscape changed dramatically with the addition of roads, parking lots, sidewalks, buildings and a stormwater system that consists of a series of drainage ditches, 345 storm inlets, 900 storm structures, 30 storm ponds and over 17 miles of drainage pipe. Stormwater that once soaked into the ground now flows quickly into street gutters and drains. It is then carried in pipes to creeks and rivers without treatment. Everyday activities such as car washing, lawn watering, and cleaning buildings and streets adds to water runoff. Along the way, the water picks up pollutants such as pesticides, fertilizers, eroded soil, and oil and grease from cars. These pollutants make their way into creeks and rivers where they pollute the water and harm both plants and animals.

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