Public Works

The Public Works Department is responsible for overseeing four divisions which include Streets/Maintenance, Capital Projects/Engineering, Water, and Wastewater. The Public Works Department is responsible for water resource development, treatment and distribution to residents and businesses; wastewater collection and treatment; improving and maintaining the Town’s streets and utility infrastructure; overseeing capital projects; and stormwater management. Additionally, through the Water Treatment Plant the Town provides a safe and dependable water supply to the citizens of Purcellville and the Basham Simms Wastewater Facility successfully treats the Town’s wastewater. Staff of the Public Works Department includes the Director, Manager-CIP & Engineering, and Superintendents for Streets/Maintenance, Water and Wastewater. The Department also includes Team Leaders for Streets/Maintenance and Assistant Superintendents for Water and Wastewater. Staff also has direct Administrative Support, Inspectors, and Part-time Engineering Assistants.

Contact Information
Public Works Department: 540-338-7440
Water, Sewer, and Storm Water Issues and Complaints: 540-338-7440 ext. 221
Trash/Recycling Questions and Complaints: 540-338-7421
Water/Sewer Billing and Account Questions - Finance Dept.: 540-338-7093
Capital Projects & Engineering: 540-338-5024

After 4:00 PM Emergency water and sewer:

Report Water, Sewer, Storm Water, Street, and Misc. Issues using the Citizen Issue Form.

Important Documents
Country Club Drive Traffic Counts

Crosswalk Brochure
Pedestrian Flag Pilot Program
 Bulk Water Purchase Agreement
No Wipes in the Pipes Flyer
Protect Your Pipes Flyer
Grease Disposal Flyer
NVTA Transportation Plan 2040, November 2012
Business Utility Form
Fire Flow Test Request Form
Cross-Connection and Backflow Prevention Brochure
Cross-Connection and Backflow Prevention Inspection Report
Water Emergency Ordinance
Water and Sewer Lateral Maintenance Policy
Facility Standards Manual
Grease, Grit Interceptor Policy and Program
Hazardous Mitigation Plan: Chapters 1-3 4 5-8
Northern Virginia Regional Water Supply Plan
Townwide Transportation Plan
Sanitary Waste Survey