Purcellville News Flash

Posted on: November 4, 2017

News Release - Additional Information Regarding Separation of Employment of Police Chief

PURCELLVILLE, Va. November 3, 2017 — As was announced yesterday, Thursday, November 2, Interim Town Manager, Alex Vanegas, made the decision to terminate Chief of Police, Cynthia McAlister. This decision was based on the results of a thorough independent investigation stemming from allegations brought forth by several members of the Police command staff and officers concerning alleged violations several Town policies, procedures, and Police Department General Orders. After an independent and thorough investigation, the independent investigator made the following conclusions:

  • Acting Outside of the Scope as Chief of Police - Substantiated
  • Selective Enforcement- Substantiated
  • Violations of General Orders/IA Investigations- Substantiated
  • Violations of General Orders- Substantiated
  • Employee Intimidation- Substantiated
  • Untruthfulness- Substantiated
  • Violations of Town & Police Procedural Policies- Substantiated

After reviewing the evidence and findings in the investigative report, Interim Town Manager made the decision to terminate the Chief of Police, effective November 2, 2017.

In accordance with laws and regulations surrounding personnel matters, no additional information can be shared outside of a signed release by Cynthia McAlister.