Purcellville News Flash

Posted on: November 2, 2017

News Release - Purcellville Police Participate in "No Shave November"

PURCELLVILLE, Va. November 2, 2017 - Members of the Purcellville Police Department will be participating in “No Shave November”! Grooming standards for members of the agency will be waived during the month of November in order to allow officers to grow facial hair in support of cancer awareness and other charitable causes.

Each officer that chooses to participate will be asked to make a small donation and the money will be pooled together at the end of the month and given to a charitable cause on behalf of the Purcellville Police Department. If you see our officers with neatly trimmed beards and goatees, please thank them for participating in this worthwhile cause. Why not join in the fun and donate to your favorite charity?